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Welcome to our tribe. I am Cassandra and I am delighted to be the voice of Eco-Luxe Beauty & Wellness.
When I first began my attempt to swap out my beauty products for toxic free, and generally saver options I was, like many, overwhelmed. How do I even begin to go through my coveted arsenal of products I’ve collected over time !?
Which are the ingredients I should really avoid and which ones are ok to keep ?!
I was totally bummed out by the lack luster performance of a lot of these products. My natural foundation would slip off by 10 am and my vegan mascara always ended up below my lashes instead of on them !!! I was wasting money. Trial and error of so many natural products, only to find a few that actually worked BUT I had to work hard to find them every time they needed replacing.
Who feels the same way ?

Now ? I found Arbonne and am here to share the joy that I have found. I’ve done the research and investigated the ingredients. I’ve spent time understanding the brand, it’s history and company philosophy. I’ve spent the money wear-testing all the products and I am THRILLED to offer you these most fabulous products that are toxic free, vegan, no GMO, Gluten free and so much more but most importantly they are just HANDS-DOWN effective ( and available all the time online in our shop !! ).

I look forward to bringing you wellness inspiration and tools to help you make changes to a healthier, happier body. Cass xx