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So winter has really kicked in here in the southern hemisphere and with that comes short days, cold mornings and the August winds. ALL of which can make us dry and NO ONE likes dry flaky skin. It looks a hot ( not so ) mess !! So avoid this beauty blunder with my Winter beauty loves.
Genius Ultra – a beauty device to pair with your current skincare routine to enhance to benefits of your moisturizer & serum. It is an applicator using ultrasound waves and heat which is like heaven to use in the cooler months. This is the absolute number 1 thing to concentrate on in this weather – EXTRA hydration and barrier protection.
Intelligence Facial Oil – Still need a BOOST ?? add a luxurious facial oil into your routine. Oils are so incredibly diverse especially if you have a sheer dry oil. Add it to your moisturizer, add it to your foundation, or wear it on its own day or night. A sheer dry oil formula enhanced with ingredients that contain omega fatty acids 3 and 6 and a super antioxidant helps support luminous skin beauty. Like a superfood for your skin, this illuminating oil provides just the right amount of superior hydration and moisture where it’s needed most.
Makeup Primer – Once your skin is hydrated go ahead and pop on your makeup but be sure to use a makeup primer. This will help your makeup stick in the wet and windy weather. Hot tip – avoid a Silicon based primer, this will clog your pores and cause all sorts of issues.
Sheer glow highlighter – Get your glow on and radiant – a highlighter is a brilliant tool to use to illuminate your look and detract from any dry spots.
Shea butter hand cream – Hands really do take a beating in the winter weather. The cracking & rough hands are not only unsightly but can actually HURT ! Hydrate with a gorgeous and powerful natural ingredient, shea butter.
Smoothed over lipstick in Lotus- the perfect winter colour. Don’t skip the lips !! Dry cracked lips under a drying lipstick is never a good look. Make the switch to a lipstick with a natural butter that will not dry out your lips.
Eye brow gel – stick those bad boys in place. No one like wayward brows !!
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I failed Meditation ……

I failed meditation……..

Monday morning meditation

For sometime now I have been intending to make meditation a part of my every day life. My girlfriend Janelle swears by it, practices daily and had learnt her practice through Danielle at The Mindful Journey  . I had heard it was an amazing thing to do for yourself for so many reasons but what resonated with me most was the idea of learning how to settle my mind & to concentrate on one thing at a time ( My mind is always busy, with so many thoughts at once! I find it hard to remember anything unless I write it down, I am sure I am not alone there ! ) .

According to the Huffington Post :  “In today’s busy, ever-demanding world, we find ourselves constantly running around, unable to slow down and take care of ourselves. Our incessant busyness can make us run near empty. When we’re so caught up in giving to others, fulfilling obligations, and getting things done, we forget to reflect on our own mental and spiritual well-being. We forget that much of our stress and busyness is self-inflicted.”

daily calm

So when I stumbled across a – 7  DAY CALM MEDITATION challenge I thought for sure I could do it !!  BUT I found it so hard. My mind is continuously running off to different dreams and thoughts and I am constantly having to bring myself back to the practice. I have read this is part of the journey but I honestly thought I could sit and concentrate to a guided mediation for 10 minutes !! Apparently not !! Not to mention by day 3  I was being interrupted by my little people then of course we added a new member to our family ( insert Miki pup ) and I basically forgot all about it.  BUT I will not give up !! I am starting the 7 days of CALM again tomorrow ( Tuesday ) and would love to invite you to join me. Sometimes I think it is easier in a group …. will you join me ?? Comment below so we can connect and try to conquer this together. Cass xx

Calm Meditation App

Calm app

Helping women return to work with Desmore Media

Recently Desmore Media did a series on helping mum return to work. Desmore realized the challenges facing women who wish to return to work after taking time out to raise their families and wanted to be able to bring professionals from all areas of business in to discuss topics with the view of assisting these women.

I was invited in as a guest to talk about the mumapreneur movement. With so many women looking to start their own business, as a way of returning to the work force, we wanted to shed the light on what that really looks like and how to be successful. I hope you enjoy and that it serves you on your journey. Cass xx

For more in this series visit:

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The Desmore Chats With Podcast aims to uplift, educate and entertain the audience. The interviews and topics featured will help brighten up your day and help you feel good. Desmore’s vibrant personality and conversational chats will have you smiling and feeling uplifted. Whether it’s lifestyle, business, wellbeing or all round feel good topics, Desmore has got it covered! So make a cup of tea, relax and listen to The Desmore Chats With Podcast, created and hosted by Desmore founder Desmore Samios.


Practical ways to finally start your side hustle ……. by Lisa Messenger

Set your grand idea free.

For so many of us starting a side hustle with the view of either creating an additional income to live a more vibrant life or to create choice for your future is a grand idea but starting is a whole other thing !! I believe that choice is vital and creating a side hustle and incredible option. Here are some brilliant hints from Lisa Messenger ( founder of Collective Hub and Female Entrepreneur ) to help get you started xx



Do the time. A side project isn’t going to start itself, so no matter how busy your day job is, it’s vital that you allocate time to nurture it. Take a tip from Google’s now-defunct 20 per cent policy, which allowed employees to take one day off a week to work on their own passions, and gave birth to Gmail, Google News and Adsense. What could you achieve in 20 per cent of your work week? Marco Arment, the co-founder of Tumblr who launched Instapaper as a side project, spent just 4-8 hours per week working on the article-saving app, which has since been acquired by Pinterest.

Tell your boss

We’ve all heard stories of bestselling authors who wrote entire books at their desks without their managers noticing. But as an entrepreneur who believes in transparency, trust and authenticity, I think it’s far better to let your superiors in on your side venture than to keep it a secret. A good boss is interested in their employees’ extracurricular activities, and they might have advice or resources to share with you. If you’re worried they’ll think your work will suffer, show them this study which found that employees with side projects are more collaborative and productive in the office.

Learn whilst launching

You don’t have to choose between studying and start-upping. Some of the most incredible entrepreneurs I know do both simultaneously, and say each area of their life inspires the other (two words: Mark Zuckerberg!) The key is flexibility. When we launched our Graduate Certificate in Collective Entrepreneurship with Torrens University, we made sure the entire course could be completed online from anywhere. This means that students, regardless of their situations, could choose their own non-linear path and do it all on their own terms. Plus, it acts as place to test your value proposition in a safe environment, whilst practising your resilience and ability to work under pressure before you hit the real world. Get to know more about the course here.

Find a crowd

Enter a hackathon, go to a networking event or head to a local coworking space and hang out in their kitchen. Basically, go anywhere that you can talk about your idea freely and (hopefully) confidently. Studies show that sharing your goals makes you more likely to achieve them. It’s also a great way to problem solve and feed off other people’s enthusiasm. At tech start-up Slack, they actively encourage employee side projects and team members shares their passions across social media channels using the hashtags #craft and #sf-jam-sessions (for musicians in the San Francisco office).

Keep it simple

The tech discovery startup ProductHunt, which was acquired by AngelList for a reported US$20 million, started life as a simple email list that its founder, Ryan Hoover, used to share cool products with his friends. It’s a similar story with Craigslist, which started as an email chain where friends shared events listings and items they wanted to sell. Although I understand the urge to want to make a perfect product before launching, some of the best startups in the world were launched as “stickmen” – and their clothes were added later! Set your idea free!


For more fabulous advise I would highly recommend following Collective Hub .